Aaron Wolasky Discusses Treatment For A Wife

This post deals with the dynamics of “Aaron Wolasky Therapy” as it applies to a situation where a wife is the one expressing hostility.

Every single familial crisis is unique and deserves its own individual approach. When a wife is the one presenting the symptoms of hostile conflict, then the specific nature of a wife must be taken into account.

This is one of the basic pillars of “Aaron Wolasky Therapy.” The individual who is communicating hostility must be understood on an individual basis before family therapy can begin. When that person is a wife, then the unique characteristic of a wife, both personally and in terms of a relationship must be clearly examined and fully grasped.
Every person has two aspects to them. There is the person as a personality unto himself, and there is the person as a member and participant of the relationship. “Aaron Wolasky Therapy” demands that both of these parts be looked at. Not just one. So, in the case of a wife, both the wife as a distinct personality and as a member of the relationship will be delved into in depth.

The other stages of “Aaron Wolasky Therapy”, as well, have unique applications depending upon who the hostile individual is in any given family crises. Go here to see more about “Aaron Wolasky Therapy.”

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