Aaron Wolasky Therapy – What Is It?

In the year 2016, Aaron Wolasky decided it was time for a fundamental change in the family therapy industry. It was time to reveal a groundbreaking system of therapy that previously had been exclusive to Aaron Wolasky’s practice. It was time to transform the way family therapy was done throughout the United States. In 2016 “Aaron Wolasky Therapy” was born.

Aaron Wolasky Therapy” is the result of 30 years of Aaron Wolasky’s experience, research and testing new therapeutic modules and schemas. For thirty years Aaron Wolasky has been treating all types of clients, from couples to siblings to parents-children. Aaron has extensive experience in every single type of familial crisis and tension. He has dealt with situations of overt hostility, deep resentment and family feuds. He has dealt with hundreds of cases spanning the full gamut of family difficulties.

Aaron Wolasky’s vast experience, as delineated above, makes him uniquely suitable to be the founder of a system that offers a new approach to family therapy.

The “Aaron Wolasky Therapy” system is a complete and comprehensive program that details exactly what therapists must do beginning with the first time they touch base with a client.

With the “Aaron Wolasky Therapy” system, at the first interaction with the client the therapist will know how to identify the nature of the client, the extent of the problem and the challenges he will face as he provides counseling. The therapist will be able to begin charting the particular course of therapy that he believes will be most beneficial for that unique situation.

“Aaron Wolasky Therapy” integrates a number of therapeutic modules and synthesizes them into a unique course of action. Among them are, structural therapy – where the family system is restructured and organized in a way that reduces conflict, strategic therapy – which involves the manner in which family members interact with one another, and narrative therapy – where the crisis is looked at as a separate entity than the person involved in the crisis.

“Aaron Wolasky Therapy” has been warmly embraced by countless therapists nationwide and has greatly contributed to successful resolutions of many thorny family crises.

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